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Free Credit Report4 Ways to Get Free Credit Reports

Bad credit can be disastrous to one's financial being. In fact, a person who has a problem with their credit history may have trouble getting a mortgage, a car loan, or even a personal loan. A person may have to pay higher insurance premiums, or even lose out on employment opportunities. One may also have to deal with a high-interest credit card because that is the only kind they can get. However, there are ways a person can deal with this, starting by getting an official report. This is the way someone can tell what his or her credit rating is, and repair it. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or rather FCRA, requires the nation's three credit reporting companies provide free credit reports, at a person's request, every year. TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are the three major players, and all are involved in this process. There are four ways to get one. (more…)

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