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Features & Benefits

Self-Credit Repair Dispute Software

Home Edition 1.0

  • Your dream house, your dream car, a new apartment, dream job
  • Avoid embarrassing moments when applying for credit.
  • Sleep at night because of no more abusive collection calls.
  • Spend what you want at the mall and your favorite restaurants
  • Avoid frustration and family fights due to money.
  • Open your mail freely because you know it’s not a bill collector or a lawsuit.
  • Block wage garnishments and bank account seizures.
  • Take control of your credit in the comfort of your home.

The Credit Repair System In Action-Easy and Painless

  • The Fast Start here guide will get you going in minutes.
  • Pick your campaign chart helps you determine what to dispute first.
  • 17 minute video on how read and understand your credit report.
  • Learnin what to challenge on your report.
  • Credit dispute letter vault contains over a 200 detailed letters.
  • Pick your situation and challenge inaccurate information:
  • 20 step-by-step letter campaigns that assist with inaccurate items.
  • Remove inaccurate account sold and transferred accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate authorized user accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate bankruptcy listings.
  • Remove inaccurate charge-off listing.
  • Remove inaccurate collection accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate duplicate accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate foreclosure and short sale listing.
  • Use the hybrid campaign to dispute multiple items at one time.
  • Remove inaccurate judgments.
  • Remove inaccurate late payments.
  • Remove inaccurate medical bills.
  • Remove inaccurate mortgage lates.
  • Remove inaccurate multiple late payments.
  • Remove inaccurate outdated accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate paid collection accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate re-aged accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate re-inserted accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate repossession accounts.
  • Remove inaccurate tax lien listing.
  • Remove inaccurate inquiries.
  • Remove inaccurate child support late payments.
  • 121 pages of easy to read credit repair techniques and strategies.
  • Audio version of the ultimate credit repair guide-4 hours of audio.
  • 6 over the shoulder videos discussing advance dispute techniques.

You Will Never Be Lost Again on How to Rebuild Your Credit

  • 20 powerful rebuild your credit videos walking you step by step.
  • Over 60 minutes of audio explaining the rebuilding process (Mp3).
  • 14 rebuilding your credit routes-pick your step-by-step route.
  • Credit score fast track – step-by – step flow chart-fast train to the top.
  • Two powerful credit dispute letters – add positive credit.
  • 14 simple ways to rebuild credit flow charts-pick your way.

Learn How To Raise Your Credit Score The Right Way

  • Powerful raising your credit score videos walking you step by step.
  • If you like audio, we got you covered. (mp3).
  • Credit score phase guide builder.
  • Credit score fast track – step-by – step flow chart-fast train to the top
Bonus and Eye Opening Easy Strategies That Will Save You Money

    • Debt settlement step-by-step letter campaign that saves you thousands.
    • Identity theft letter campaign -remove fraudulent accounts.
    • Response chart-respond to any letter sent by the credit bureaus.
    • Q&A Videos – Over 50 Answers. Credit repair companies will charge you a fortune.
    • Bullet Proof yourself against identity theft strategy.
    • Secret bonus.