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Client Dispute Manager Professional Credit Repair Software

Key Features

green-bullet Input Unlimited Clients
green-bullet 20 Different Dispute Campaigns
green-bullet Over 200 Pre-Written Letters
green-bullet Upload Your Own Letters
green-bullet Bulk Print All Letters At One Time
green-bullet Fully Automated
green-bullet One -Time Fee(No-Recurring Yearly Fees)
green-bullet Customize Letter Editor
green-bullet Advance Credit Repair Training
green-bullet Free-Software Email Support-12 months
green-bullet Free Updates
green-bullet One Hour Software Training With Mark
green-bullet Mac Users(Works on Parallels)

Testimonial-Listen Here

Startup Credit Repair Business Software

Unlimited customers
If you want to add and manage unlimited customers without a monthly fee, then this software is for you. You can add as many new clients as you want into the software and make money on a monthly basis.With the simple user interface, adding new customers takes less than five minutes.
Tracking overview and credit reports
Want to check how many inaccurate items your clients have?What about how many items are pending or have been deleted? Well, you can do this quick with the overview screen. Simply pull up your client’s account, hit the overview button, and you’re done. In less than five seconds, you can see the entire status of one client from a bird’s-eye view.
Dispute manager
Dispute manager is a fully automated system that allows you to dispute any inaccurate item on your client’s credit report with complete automation.Once you enter your client’s inaccurate accounts into the system, you will never have to retype the information again. The software will track your client’s information as you move through the software.
Dispute multiple items
In most credit repair software, you can only dispute one trade line at a time, but not with this one. You can dispute multiple different trade lines with one letter,which speeds up your disputing efforts.
Letter campaigns
Not sure of what item to dispute or what letter order you should dispute the item in?Well, the dispute manager will assist you by providing you with 20 different dispute campaigns to choose from. These campaigns range from collection accounts to public records like judgments.You will never be confused again on what to dispute and how.
Creditors and collectors
Sometimes you have to go straight to the source in order to see results on your client’s credit reports.The dispute manager allows you to dispute directly with the creditors or collectors to assist with removing inaccurate information.
Dispute manager-follow up and track
Following up, responding, tracking your letters and results is very easy using the dispute manager. If you need to follow up or respond to one of the credit bureau, creditor or collector stall letters, just simply navigate to the respond area, pick your letter and you’re done. Each letter sent out is tracked by the letter name, type and when a response is due.The certified mail delivery tracker will automatically tell you when your letter was delivered without you having to log into the USPS website.
Letter editor and customization
Want to know the trick to getting around the credit bureau’s super computers? The answer is letter customization. If the credit bureau feels that your disputes are coming from a credit repair agency, they will flag the disputes as frivolous and refuse to investigate. With the letter editor, you can customize each dispute by adding color, underlining and bold to the text. This customization allows the letter to appear unique versus a standard boilerplate letter.
Letter vault
The letter vault contains over 200 letters you can pull from at any time. In the vault, you can customize and print individual letters that meet your disputing requirements.Letter vault contains all of the letters in the dispute manager along with bonus letters such as debt settlement, identity theft, medical bills and child support.
Upload your own letters
Do have your own letters that have worked for you in the past? Would you like to use those letters along with 200 pre-written letters in the software? Well with the Client Dispute Manager, you can now copy and paste or upload your own letters right into the software. Once you upload your letters, you will be able to track them and monitor them just like the repopulated letters that are already in the software.
Bulk Printing
If printing each client’s dispute letters one at a time is slowing your dispute process down, then rest assure because the bulk printing feature in the software will do all of the work for you. Simply load all of your client’s disputes into the bulk print area and hit the bulk print button and your done.
Notes system
Keeping track of all communication between the customers, the furnishes and your company is very important when it comes to running a credit repair business.You can do that using the notes feature of the software. By utilizing this feature, you can input notes and pull up old notes within seconds.
Interactive menus
Simplicity is our main goal and we designed the software where you can be up and running with your first dispute in less than 30 minutes.With our interactive menus, you will be able to navigate the software with ease and track all aspects of your client’s disputes.
After you have reviewed the getting started video and the start here page, and you still have questions, the step-by-step training videos will teach you everything you need to know about the software. Once you have finished reviewing the videos, you will be a pro at using the program.
Advance Credit Repair Training
In the learning center, you will find rich content on advanced credit repair strategies and techniques, rebuilding credit, raising your clients credit score, credit repair Q&A and settling your debts for pennies on the dollar.All content comes in the form of videos, audios and PDFs.
30-day money-back guarantee
We appreciate your business and want to make sure that you are happy.If you choose to return our product within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your money back as long as you have not already activated the software license.
Data security is very important to our company and we take it seriously.You can rest assured that your client’s data will be secured against attacks. We use AES encryption for databases with 256-bit key, the advanced security for confidential data.
Backup feature
Protect your client’s data with our new backup feature.Backing up your database has never been easier until right now. With our new backup feature, you can back up your database to Dropbox, your external drive, Skydrive and Gmail. Simply select where you want your database to go to, and click backup now.It’s that simple.
Free software tech support for 12 months
The pro version comes with 12 months of free software support.If you are having problems with the software, we are here to help you resolve your problem.Allow 48 hours for tech support to respond to your tickets. Support is only for the software and not for credit repair training.
One – time fee


Instant Download

Call 1-888-959-1462 to get started

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Refund policy: 
A full refund will be issued to you if your license has not been activated within 30 days of purchasing the product. Refunds are not available past the 30-day deadline even if your license has not been activated. If you purchased your software from a third-party vendor, you must contact them for a refund.