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Step 1
Read the dispute process.


Step 2
Pull your credit reports and your credit scores.


Step 3
Review your credit reports for errors.


Step 4
Under dispute strategy, read Start Here and pick your dispute strategy from campaign area.


Step 5
Create a new user account.


Step 6
Input your credit scores into the tracking area.


Step 7
Add all of your questionable and inaccurate items.


Step 8
Review all of your inaccurate accounts in the overview area to make sure everything is correct.


Step 9
Review your dispute strategy from the campaign again.


Step 10
Complete your first disputes using the credit bureau, creditor or collector dispute manager.


Step 11
Print your letters.


Step 12
Check the tracking section to make sure that all letters are tracked and the due date on which you should hear back from the bureaus, creditors or collectors.


Step 13
Review identification and proof of address requirements from the credit bureaus before sending out your disputes. Also take note of all mailing addresses from each credit bureau as you will need these to send out your disputes. Look under contacts and then click credit bureaus.


Step 14
Send your dispute letters along with the appropriate identification and proof of address certified mail to all three credit bureaus.


Step 15
While waiting 30-40 days for a response from the credit bureaus, creditors or collectors, start educating yourself on the entire process of credit repair by downloading the videos and audios in the learning center.


Step 16

Once you have received your updated credit reports and documents back from the creditors or collectors, loginto the software, go to the tracking section and input your deleted items, if any. Make notes in the notes section if you need to. Now, go back to your dispute campaign under dispute strategy and follow the instructions and send out the next letter. Repeat this process until all questionable and inaccurate items are removed from your credit report.



Step 17
If you are trying to raise your credit score, rebuild credit, settle debts or deal with collection agencies, make sure you study the materials in the learning center.